For the love of…

Photography, music, and so many other things. Still number one is photography, this is what makes me happy what brings me peace. I know that’s sounds strange when I’m behind the camera I forget about all the troubles all the things that keep me up at night.

Few images from LP concert at the Lincoln Hall in Chicago 6/9/17

From the first time I’ve heard the music, I think it was her second album I feel in love with the music. The voice, the melody, the energy, just amazing, and I was able to be there with camera in hand.

New things coming.

It’s been a while since I last wrote anything and a lot of different things have happened. The bottom line is what I’m doing with my photography and where it will lead me.

The second part of the question I will keep to myself, there is a reason to my madness.I started shooting for online music news portal. I am a staff photographer for Vaudezilla burlesque, working with Namaste Rose Events and shooting burlesque with few different producers.

With all this going on I need to upgrade my gear and graduate to full frame beast that is Nikon D750. With the low light shooting that I’ve been doing this is the only way I can get images that will get noticed. I know I was always the one to say gear is not everything it’s all about your skill, but the truth is when 8 photogs standing next to you shooting the same things come out from the event with low noise and wide dynamic range images, your creative skill will only do so much. The next big move will be by the end of the month I’m excited and scared, wish me luck.



Fly the W

At the rally in Grant park, in photo pit already. The atmosphere is electrifying, the place is packed with people and as far as I know thousands of people won’t be able to get in. Even as media I had a problem to get in, I’m one of the lucky ones. Chicago waited 108 years for this. FLY THE W!